November 4th, We received funding from the Swedish Research Council to continue our studies of genome-wide DNA synthesis by DNA polymerase η!


March 1st: Martin Engqvist left our laboratory and is now starting up his own laboratory at Chalmers.

February 20th: Liam J. Thompsom started in our lab as a Bioinformatician.

February 16th: Our first paper from the laboratory, where we have mapped ribonucleotides in human mitochondrial DNA is accepted in PLOS Genetics.

January 16th: Katrin Kreisel has started in our lab as a PhD student.

January 2nd: Josephine Kalm has started in our lab as a Biomedical Scientist.


September 4th: Open BMA position:

The Clausen Laboratory is looking for a Biomedical Analyst to join our team. Please apply here!